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Marcus Fabrics Reproductions

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Antique Cotton Calicos by Marcus Fabrics

Baltimore House by Paula Barnes

Chatham Row by Paula Barnes

New Circa Shirtings by Pam Buda

Star Spangled Liberty by Marcus Fabrics


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CW Quartette Collection R37-0277-0112

$6.99 $10.85

On Maple Lake R17-7886-0112


Pieceful Pines R17-8207-0114


Pieceful Pines R17-8210-0142


RF Conestega R17-5556-0113


RF Indigo R22-6956-0140


RF Judie's Miniatures R33-0707-0113


RF On Maple Lake R17-7885-0138


RF Peppery R22-1882-0112


RF Peppery R22-1899-0130


RF Pieceful Pines R17-8209-0111


RF Pieceful Pines R17-8214-0111


RF Pieceful Pines R17-8214-0114


RF Prairie Basics R-17-7600-0112


RF Prairie Basics R17-7679-0114


RF Prairie Basics R17-7686-0114


RF Spice Pallette R50-0232-0177


RF Spice Pallette R50-0237-0144


RF Spice Pallette R50-0237-0188



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